TECHNIQUE: The process of icon writing is a long one. After preparing the wood it then has to be lined with cloth and painted with many coats of gesso. It then has to be sanded and polished until it shines. The image is then marked, and the areas that are to be gilded are then painted several times with clay bole. It is at this stage that the gold is laid and burnished with agate, and painting with pigment and egg yolk can then begin. When all is finished and dried it is then varnished or polished.  

ICONS FOR ALL OCCASIONS......Christening, Confirmation, Weddings or similar   The icons shown on this page are not for sale having been commissioned.  If you would like one I can paint a special icon of a beloved saint or other favourite sacred subject.   COMMISSIONS GLADLY UNDERTAKEN. prices dependant on how much gold or detailed work.                

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